VELUX plastic bag with transparent windows – designed by Glad Design // 2017GLAD Design Illustrators

New products are in the creation process for the Give-Away-Shop (GAS) almost all of the time. Products are created based on wishes from the markets, from VMG, and in order to cover specific needs for events, conferences and the like.

Now and then, a new product is created in collaboration with an external designer and this year, the GAS has worked together with Glad Design (Happy Design), to create a new plastic bag with transparent windows. This bag has been developed by VELUX A/S, based on a design made by Glad Design.

Glad Design is part of the Glad Foundation, the 4th largest social economic company in Denmark. Glad Foundation’s mission is to combine business acumen with a strong social responsibility and inclusion of people who are psychically and developmentally challenged, who often end up on the edge of the labor market. 

The team behind the Give-Away-Shop became aware of Glad Design through Borg and Bigum, who produces the majority of the items on the Give-Away-Shop, and has done through many years.

In 2016, Borg and Bigum became a social responsible company, through the admission in the Danish Fund, the Social Capital Fund (read more here: ), which is supported by the Velux Foundation.

What is the Glad Foundation?

The Glad Foundation is a growth-focused company that trains and employs people with and without disabilities to produce services, products, cultural experiences and content for a variety of different media, of a quality that can compete with market terms.

The Glad Foundation exists as a contrast to years of misguided care-culture of disabled workers. A meaningful job at the Glad Foundation empowers people and gives them the opportunity to be self-supporting and experience the joy of contributing and being part of a community at work.

The Glad Foundation believes that people with different backgrounds are an asset that can make society wealthier, happier and more inspiring. 

You can learn more about the Glad Foundation on  (mostly in Danish)

What is Glad Design?

Glad Design is a graphic design agency under the Glad Foundation, which does all sorts of graphical work. Glad Design - meaning “Happy Design” – is what their employees are and what they do, with their impulsive, colorful and unfiltered designs.

Diversity and magic are key words for Glad Design and its designers. In meetings between spontaneity and graphic crafts, arise the exceptional magic that characterizes Glad Design’s creations.

Each illustrator has his own line and style, and therefore they can vary widely in their own graphic expression. 

You can learn more about Glad Design on (mostly in Danish) and follow Glad Design on Facebook