Building Site

Tools and give-aways for all target groups who are active on the building site. Working clothes for summer and winter for installers and technical staff.
  • Neon safety vest

    Neon safety vest

    Price: 4,75 euro
    Product no: 971168
    Stock: 402
    Sales Unit: 1 pcs per colli

  • Fleece hat

    Fleece hat

    Price: 4,38 euro
    Product no: 971148

    Temporarily out of stock

  • Roof Pitch Indicator (with compass)

    Roof Pitch Indicat...

    Price: 5,34 euro
    Product no: 970596
    Stock: 3145
    Sales Unit: 1 pcs per colli

  • Tape Measure

    Tape Measure

    Price: 4,19 euro
    Product no: 970430

    Temporarily out of stock

  • Joiner's Pencil

    Joiner's Pencil

    Price: 6,25 euro
    Product no: 970213
    Stock: 265
    Sales Unit: 1 pcs per colli

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